Make Every Vacation Count: How You Can Travel Around The World Without Quitting Your Job

Quitting your job has negative consequences for anyone, but people with families suffer the most. You can’t just pack up and go see the world without a dime in your pocket. What about your children, your spouse? Are you willing to take them with you?


The kids can’t just „quit” school. Besides, maybe your spouse wants to have a career and has no desire to wander the world without any money sleeping where you can and eating what you can find.

So, you can’t quit your job and go unless you have lots of money or you are responsible only for yourself. If any other souls are involved, it just can’t be done if you are being rational. Does this mean you will never get to travel because you don’t have the necessary time? Absolutely not.

There are plenty of people working a full time job who have seen more countries in a year that you have seen in your entire life. Let’s see how all of this is possible.

3-day weekends

These are your escape ticket. Whenever you get 3 days in a row off, take advantage of it and hit the road. Choose 1, 2 cities at most. Otherwise you will spend most of your time in a plane or car instead of enjoying the beauty of the places that you want to visit.

Make the most out of business trips

If your job requires you to travel, you are a lucky man (or woman). Still, the tight schedule might not allow you to visit the surroundings much. In this case, take an extra day if possible or benefit from nights.

Most big cities are very lively at night and it can be a truly rewarding experience to know them when the sun sets. The advantage is that you are no longer on the job and you can drink how much you want. Let yourself have some fun!

Travel off-season

This is particularly important for people who can’t afford the costs of high season traveling. Who wants to deal with big crowds anyway? If you travel off-season you will pay less for transport, accommodation, restaurants, touristic attractions etc. Many businesses make their prices according to how many people visit that location.

If you don’t like the winter for traveling, you could try the shoulder season. This is the time between high season and off season periods. For example, mid-November is a great time to pack your bags and go. It’s not as cold as in the winter and the crowds of summer have long gone home.

Responsible budgeting

Ask yourself this: how important is traveling for you? If you were on the verge of quitting your job just to see the world, it’s very very important that you travel. So, take appropriate action.

Every month put a certain sum aside just for this. Set a specific goal like “I want to go to Paris this winter.” Calculate the costs and split them on the remaining months. Then, save a specific sum each month and don’t go off your goal.

Another idea is to combine your love for traveling with kicking a bad habit like smoking or eating sweets and beverages. Every time you feel the need to smoke put $20 into your travel account. Every time you smoke punish yourself by saving $40. Remember that this is on top of the sum that you said you will save each month for your upcoming trip.

So, there is no big secret on how to travel while keeping a job. It’s about careful planning and the ability to stick to your plan.


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