Dog Lovers Understand These Things When Their Dog Passes Away

Losing a dog affects a dog lover in so many ways. The feeling of losing a dog is just like losing someone in your life. Thinking of all those memories you have spent with each other will always break your heart. You will no longer have your daily routine of cuddling your dog while you are watching the television and talking in the room even though there is no one in your place. What is important is that you have memories to cherish and you can find comfort because you know that your dog’s life has been worth it.


Below are just some of the things that only dog lovers can understand when their best pal pass away.


For some individuals, having a funeral for your pet is unnecessary and irrelevant. But, you know in yourself that it will help provide peace and closure. In having the right closure when your pet dies, it is crucial that you should give your best pal a proper ceremony and invite only individuals who can relate to your grief. During the funeral, you can even share all the good memories you had about your dog. It is also noteworthy that you must ignore all the feedbacks or comments of individuals who cannot relate to your grief.

Grieving Without Being Recognized

Disenfranchised grief is usually what others say when you grieve over your dead pet. This kind of loss is often not recognized by most individuals, especially when they don’t have a pet at home. Your loss when it comes to your dog’s death is not something that every individual can relate with. It is best not to mourn over your pet in the public because some will just even laugh at you. Only few people can understand that losing your dog is somehow likened to losing someone in your life because of the attachment you had.

Daily Routine And Special Days

Despite of the loss you experience, you know that you still have to keep up with your daily routine especially when you have other pets. It might be hard to go for a walk without your pal, but you know that it is essential to keep your daily routine going.

Also, you know that you have to celebrate on special days even if your pal is no longer by your side. It is always important not to forget the special days.

Getting Rid

You know that it is important you should get rid of any objects or toys that will remind you. Just keep the photographs of you and your dog in a box and hide it under your bed so that you will have something to remind you whenever you want to feel your pals’ presence. You have to get rid of your dog’s chew toy because it will only remind you every single day.

No Replacement

Whether you get a new dog or not, you will always know that a new dog can never serve as an alternative nor will it replace your pal. Although a new dog can bring a new start and can bring joy, you will always have a thought in your mind that your old dog can never be replaced.

Support Groups Help

Although only a few people know that there are pet loss support groups, you know in yourself that it will greatly help you overcome that feeling of losing your dog. There are animal rescue organizations that offer different meetings without any charge in order to cater every pet lover who have experienced loss.


Just like when someone loses a friend or a family member, guilt will always be present. You will think of the different time you were not able to do during the last days of your dog. The regrets that you have will be rushing in your thoughts.


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