8 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Your Terrible Bosses

If you had the “pleasure” to be employed, you most likely had some pretty bad bosses by now. While they made our life a living hell, they also set negative examples. At least we know how not to act when we are in a position of power. We will now reveal 8 lessons about leadership that will make you a better boss, moreover, a better human being.


Keep your promises

If you promise that everyone will get a bonus this Christmas, make sure this becomes reality. Be truthful to your words and you will gain the respect of your employees. Otherwise, you will be target of their negative feelings.

Pay attention to your employees concerns

Few things are worse than working for someone who doesn’t care about what you think. If employees are complaining about the broken radiator, call someone to fix it. If they say more personnel are needed to accommodate the work volume, don’t ignore them. If you know how to listen, you will be aware of the company’s problems so that you take appropriate action.

Don’t abuse your power

A boss that abuses his power is pretty much hated by his employees. Favoring one employee over another, not paying the salaries on time, and making salary cuts while increasing workload just for the sake of profit is wrong, not to mention illegal. Use your power to ensure a productive work environment because happy employees are at the basis of most big companies.

Be the change you want to see in others

If you preach dedication while you go home early, you are not setting an example. You will be taken as someone who sees the wrong in others but not in himself. If you want your employees to be punctual, be punctual yourself. If you want them to abide to deadlines, don’t be late with their paychecks. This is the way things work.

Teach employees to never settle

The purpose is not to keep your employees at the same level. The goal is to make them evolve. It is ideal if the company is able to support the costs of continuous training courses. Also, if you have an overqualified employee, encourage him to find a job suitable for his training and abilities. That man will not forget your advice.

Show appreciation

Let your employees know when they did a good job. If the success is really big, give him a bonus or a raise. Also, make sure to reward your senior employees with a promotion. Don’t outsource managing posts from the outside.


Micromanagement will kill your business and will take you to burnout fast. Why did you hire people if you are going to do everything yourself or if you plan on checking everybody’s work? You must be able to trust their abilities to do their job well.

Don’t tolerate misconduct

Misconducts at the workplace tensions work relationships and can diminish the overall productivity. If you close your eyes to things like discrimination, harassment and abuse, your company will suffer.


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