12 Tips for Navigating Chrome Like a Boss

One of the commonly used web browsers around the globe is by far Google Chrome. Huge numbers of individuals use this web browser for work, past time, or other purposes. Just like any other routine, you are performing in your day-to-day life, knowledge on how to navigate Google Chrome will help you be more productive and it will make it easier for you. Below are the 12 tricks that will help you navigate Google Chrome easier and productive.


Image Browser

Few people know that Google is also an image browser. You can simply drop or drag an image in Chrome and it will do the rest.

Tab Pinning

You need to pin your tabs for it not to occupy a lot of space in your browser.

Chrome Commands

Type chrome: //chrome-urls in your address bar so that you will be able to know the different Chrome commands to ease up your search and improve your productivity level.

Hidden Treasures Of Omnibox

The CEO of SkyChildCare offered the public a tip. You are given the option to click the star found at the upper right of the omnibox so that a bookmark list will be presented to you. You can use these bookmarks for easy access on the different websites you usually go to.


When you use Google Chrome as your default search engine, there is no longer a need for you to copy and paste the phrase you want to look into the web since you can simply highlight and drag it to omnibox.

Event Adding


With the use of Google Calendar, you can add the different events so that you can keep track of it.

Tab Browsing

You can simply click ctrl+Tab if you want to browse the web through the different tabs. There are no restrictions and this process can be repeated a lot of times.

Task Manager

In using Google Chrome, make sure that you will be using the task manager so that you will have the option to stop any process you are doing in order to save that precious memory of yours.

Tab Organizing

You can simply move you tabs by clicking CTRL and dragging a single tab to wherever you want it to be. You can even create desktop shortcuts by just going to “Tools” and look for “Create application shortcuts”.

Omnibox Unit Converter

Unit conversions may be performed with the use of the omnibox unit converter without even switching your way into Google search. You can simply type “1000 meters =” and the omnibox unit converter will give you the suggested conversion rate.

Omnibox Calculator

Aside from the converter, omnibox also have a calculator that will help you calculate any problem that goes your way. The browser has the capability of solving math problems as fast as your handy calculator. But, the rick can only work when Google is your default search engine.

Accident Tab Closing

If you ever close a tab accidentally, you don’t have to worry. You can simply press Ctrl-Shift-T in order to access the tab you accidentally closed. Another way to reopen your accidentally closed tab is to right click on the title bar and simply select the option on “reopen closed tab”.


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