5 Unexpected Ways SEO + Web Design Can Give You Better Results

Most bloggers and website owners invest a lot of money in web design and SEO hoping that they will significantly improve their revenues and exposure. We are going to reveal the 5 goals to keep in mind when you want to improve these parts of your website.


Better communication between the two teams

The ones responsible for web design and the ones who take care of SEO have to always communicate because these two fields heavily influence each other. Some web design elements can improve or worsen SEO. If you make changes to the HTML and CSS code, you impact how the search engine spider crawls your website to index it. SEO friendly web design is mandatory if you want to improve your SERPs.

Improve page loading time

If a page takes too much to load, it’s sign you have to change something about its design. You might have put too many files that load slowly or you might have used images with very high resolution. Although high resolution elements look great on the page, it makes it load slower. Google announced that page loading time is taken into account by their algorithm, so be careful about this matter.

Be relevant

Staying on topic and using relevant keywords are essential for search engine optimization. However, don’t fill the entire page with keywords especially if they are not relevant to your content. Let’s put it this way. If you have a coffee shop, would you be interested in people who want to buy toothpaste? No, then why advertise for toothpaste when you are selling coffee? It is a total waste of time and money.

Emphasize the most important things

You should make sure that the visitor sees the most important piece of information first. If you fail to do so, failure awaits you around the corner. The above the fold section should be occupied with very important info such as calls to action, discounts and promotions, subscribe forms, basically anything that you absolutely want to tell to your client. Be careful not to give too much information though. When you display many things as being of utmost importance, you are stripping them of their meaning.

Improve technical performance

Here we are talking about broken links, redirects and the general navigation structure of your website. There is a rule saying that everything should be reachable in maximum 3 clicks. If it’s not, rethink your website structure. It is crucial to make your information available to whoever visits your website.

Broken links have a negative impact on SEO and on user experience. Users tend to get annoyed when they click a link that doesn’t work. You may also want to check if all the images are displayed correctly. An image that is supposed to be there but isn’t makes people think that the content is not up to date.

Also, take a look at your temporary redirects because they affect your SEO performance and organic search traffic.


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