5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Bench Press Right Now

Monday is now popularly known to be the National Bench Press day. This only justifies the fact that bench press nowadays is very popular. If you walk right into any gym every Monday at around 5 in the afternoon, I can guarantee you that most of the bench press stations are preoccupied. While the bench press is widely known to all individuals who go to the gym to work out, it is also one of the exercises wherein people usually get it wrong. Most individuals do not even know the right execution of doing a bench press. Right execution is very important because it is only through this method that you will surely get the desired result. Here are the 5 simple yet effective ways of improving your bench press exercises.


Squeeze Your Butt

In performing a bench press exercise, the key is to give tightness to your muscles and increase the tension in your body. The tightness will help your joints because without it, your joints will move and would probably cause injury to your muscles.

This is also the reason why you need to activate your glutes and keep them in action the whole time during your exercise. Once you squeeze those glutes during your entire exercise routine, it will help in the locking of your pelvis, spine, and whole body so as to ensure a safer and better transfer of force.

Feet In Place

Another way to improve the performance of your bench press is to keep your feet in place. If you observe thoroughly those people who perform different bench press exercises in the gym, you will often see that their feet are moving and only little foot pressure is being exerted. Some people say that your whole feet must be flat on the ground, but the important thing is that you have control. Whether it is your whole feet on the ground or just your toes, it is worth remembering that it should be in place. You should give more tension to your legs when you are performing bench press.

Away You Go

In bench pressing, you must always remember that you should press your body away from the bar and not the other way around. Pressing your body away from the bar will contribute to the tightness of your muscles. This will also decrease the risk of injury and can increase stability.

Crush The Bar

When you crush the bar, what your body should do is to tighten up all your muscles, in order to have control and to avoid any risk of injury. Crushing the bar has a lot of benefits such as: it will help you tighten your muscles and it will also send signals to your brain that you need to exert more force in order to recruit more muscle fibers. It is also worth remembering that the bar should be located in the heel of your hand and not your fingers. Placement of your hand is important because it will eliminate the possibility of bending your wrist to a direction that will cause injury.

Pack And Tight

When you perform a bench press, it is crucial that you should know how to pack your shoulders. You also need to tighten them up during the exercise. A lot of people allow their shoulders to spread out and be passive across the bench by simply laying their shoulders flat. Once you do the pack and tight you will be able to acquire a stable base for you to transfer the force through the bench. When you pack your shoulders and tighten them up, you will be able to have control with your shoulder joints and avoid those joints from sliding during the exercise.


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