3 Reasons to Use Video on Your Website or Blog

Most, if not all, website owners or blog writers want their websites attractive and beautiful. They put several animations into their websites. They also put some pictures. But sometimes, they neglect to put videos into their websites. If you know the importance of putting videos in your website, you will probably put one as soon as possible. Whether you are an online businessman, blogger, software/hardware developer, videos can definitely help boost the traffic of your website. There are actually several reasons why putting videos into your website or blog is important.


Videos Help Catch the Attention of Readers

Firstly, videos will help catch the attention of your readers. If your blog or website is full of block of texts (talk about long paragraphs!), sometimes, readers don’t read them. They would just skim and scan your website for information they want. Worse, they would not continue reading at all. But if they see a video in your website, there’s a probability that they would open and play it. Experience will tell you that you usually play videos. Who has not gone to YouTube just to watch videos? In fact, there’s a research in 2011 about watching videos indicating that more and more audience tend to play videos by 2015.[1] Modernity really increases the chance of exposing videos. So, if you want more interested readers reading your blog or website, you should definitely put videos in them.

Videos Can Make Your Message Clear and Captivating

Secondly, videos will help prove your point. You will definitely help the readers know and understand your point because they are captivated. Not only that, there are studies that show that “Learning visually increases the chances of retaining the message or thought by the audience.”[2] Well, the studies are about visual content in general (i.e. videos, pictures, and animations), but learning through videos are included. The studies show that the brain works best with visual content than understanding a block of text. If the readers understand your point in your blog or website, then you succeed in your task. Videos, therefore, will definitely help you with this. Texts are important, but videos can make your message clear and captivating.

Videos Can Make Your Website or Blog Go Viral

And thirdly, videos can make your website or blog go viral. Because more and more people will visit your website, there is a big chance that your website, or at least the video, will go viral. Being viral means that people will recommend your website or the video itself to others. “To become viral – to be shared, liked and commented on – the content published on a social platform must have a certain quality to catch on like wildfire.[3] Catch on like wildfire. Amazing, isn’t it? With videos, especially very good videos, in your website or blog, there will really come a time where you just notice that your website and the video have gone viral.

Once again, putting videos in your website or blog will definitely help boost the traffic to your website or blog. Many people will visit your blog since many will notice the catchy videos you have. Then, the readers will like your website, since they easily understand your message through videos. And if they like the contents of your website, they will like, share and recommend it to others. Videos will, then, increase the chance of your website to become viral. Therefore, if you want your website to stand out, put some good videos!





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