How Consuming Dairy Can Impact Your Mood casein

There is plenty of research to suggest that certain foods can have an impact on our moods – whether positively or negatively. There is no hard and fast rule to say that dairy products impact your mood negatively. Certainly if you are allergic to a dairy product, it will give you an upset stomach and watery eyes and this can make you feel miserable. Dairy products have plenty of whey protein, which can reduce physical responses to stress and enhance memory and mood. However, if it upsets your digestive system or gives you allergies and sinus troubles, you’d drink far less or cut it out altogether.

Milk is sometimes the Culprit
Allergies have many people throwing their hands up in frustration , and of course you need to look at the root of the problem with your allergies. Foods can be a source of allergy in adults and children and these allergic reactions include headaches, sneezing, skin rashes, runny eyes and fatigue. According to some scientists, an infection is the primary cause of rheumatoid arthritis and that the infectious agent exists in milk. The scientists also suggest that the most effective dietary prescription to combat multiple sclerosis for instance, forbids milk. Some researchers believe that milk actually contains unknown toxic substances.

Some food can certainly affect our mood – negatively. When we feel stressed and anxious because of consuming too much dairy, dietary changes become an absolute priority. Our bodies are designed to protect us and not harms us and stress is a main factor which makes the immune system go awry. Dairy is one of the more problematic foods for moodiness, and in fact dairy’s protein casein has been linked to anger and even depression.

Not Everyone should be consuming Dairy

If your mood has been suffering and you are someone who enjoys dairy, sadly you may have to consider giving it up. Receptors in the brain and gut react to the casein and create antibodies as a response. This creates symptoms that create stress in the body. Consuming dairy can actually change the way the brain works and often patients claim that they feel depressed and anxious when they experience problems with the gut. The gut and brain are closely linked, but thankfully the gut brain connection can be altered. It is a known fact that what we eat can have an effect on the composition of the gut flora.

Dairy – the Good and the Bad
As with all food products and supplements, there are conflicting views. Consuming dairy products is a controversial topic in modern times and some experts will tell you they are essential for healthy bones and teeth while other experts will tell you that dairy is harmful, affects your mood negatively and should be avoided. Whether you love dairy or hate it, do research and find out whether you are one of those who can enjoy milk or whether you should call it quits and look for an alternative. intolerance?


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