Is Muscle Strength All in Your Head?

Being physically fit is something that everybody aspires to be. Be it a well toned body or body with rippling muscles, you need to have the right kind of fitness routine to reach the sculpted figure you have in mind. But even if you do, there is something that bothers you. Just how much muscle strength do you have after all the time and effort you put in to your fitness routine? Muscle strength is something that everybody hopes to achieve through exercises. But do you really need to put so much effort in? Recent studies conducted by researchers in Ohio University say “No you don’t need to!


The Study

The research study was a simple one. 29 participants were made to put on plaster casts on their non dominant arm for a period of 4 weeks. One set was asked to imagine that they regularly exercised this arm, while the others were not given these instructions. At the end of 4 weeks, it was found that the people who imagined exercising were only 25% weaker compared to the others who were 45% weaker in terms of muscle strength.

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The Power of Mind conditioning

From this study, one thing is quite evident. As much as you stress your body to achieve targets, you also need to make sure that your mind is conditioned too. Almost all trainers instruct their trainees to get out of their comfort zones the first time they hit the gym. Why is this? This is so that your brain starts getting conditioned to achieve the higher target thus making you achieve the original (lower) target easily. It all does make sense when you think about it this way. If a person has to run 100 meters, he might fail at 80 meters. But if he has to run 200 meters, his mind gets conditioned such that he can finish a 150 meters before collapse. But the truth is he finishes the actual 100 meters effortlessly. This is the power of mind conditioning. Refer for more about mental conditioning.

Mind and Body in Tandem

So does this mean all you need to do is sit back and imagine yourself have a heavy workout for half an hour every day? No, mind conditioning is only half the trick. When you imagine yourself at a strenuous condition, your mind prepares your body to meet the conditions. But this does not mean your body will meet it. For this, your body must have some kind of previous experience working in this condition or at least in close enough scenarios. Once your body is used to it, the muscles associated with the workout develop an exclusive memory called muscle memory. With this kind of apt mental conditioning and enough muscle memory, you can be sure that your strength does not fail you when it is about to be tested. So yes, mental strength is all in your head, but not fully in your head. You can get fitness routines that use this concept.


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