5 Top Reasons For Low Conversion Rate In Your E-Commerce Business

Are you running an online store? Do you have problems trying to increase your sales? If the answer to the both questions is yes, then, you are reading the right article. You will be happy with the conversion rate in your e-commerce business as long as you don’t experience that losing end. To some people a fairly common conversion rate would be either 1% or 2%. Here are the top reasons why you are experiencing low conversion rate.


Low Quality Product Images, Descriptions, And Product Videos

In every e-commerce business, one must know the perfect angle of the product and the perfect resolution to give your photo a catchy and vibrant color. Buyers normally purchase a product mostly because it looks good and of course, it has good quality. People tend to get attracted to images and they want to see what exactly are they getting or purchasing. No matter how good the quality, if the image is not appealing to the eyes, buyers would normally result to other options.

Use a high-quality camera and take a picture of the product’s every angle so that the customer can see it as if he is looking at it personally. If you can add an image wherein the product is zoomed in, it will be much better.

In matters relating to the description of the product, it is only wise to know every detail so that you can include it in the description section. Curious buyers tend to focus more on the description of the product; thus, you need to make a statement that can be very appealing to them. You need to put in all the advantages and the benefits they will acquire if they purchase this certain item.

Enough information of the product will help convince the curious customers to purchase the product because it is the right thing. Clarity of the product usually leads to persuasion of the customer. There are guides on how to write the best sales copy that will surely attract your customers into your business.

In writing your product description, you must have a concise version, as well, as, a long version. Place the concise version on top of the long version, so that customers who are in a hurry or those who hates reading long paragraphs can just read the concise version.

If you have more time and you really want your conversion rates to tremendously rise, you can include product videos. A lot of people get attracted with teasers or short videos and would most likely result of buying or purchasing the product based on the videos or teasers being presented.

Images may contribute greatly to your sale, but videos work miraculously. Through these videos or teasers, the purchasers will be able to actually feel and see the results of the product.

If You Can, Customize And Don’t Charge For Shipping

Tons of people like originality. Everyone wants to be unique in whatever manner they can. Therefore, customization of your product will help entice your customers to buy. Aside from the fact that it will attract your customers because of the product’s uniqueness, it can also be fun on your part. You enable yourself to test your creativity skills and you can create some kind of ownership in the products you are selling. It will make you feel better because you know that you have worked hard on it and you made use of your talent.

Most interested buyers do not purchase products online because of the high-cost of shipping fee. If you can find ways on how to eliminate it, do it. You can even just include the shipping fee in the prices itself so that it will not be that visible in the eyes of the buyers.

Experts in online business even consider shipping fees as a conversion rate killer. Purchasers are normally driven away from it because they are not willing enough to pay for the charged fee, even if they are very much interested in the product you are selling.

On the other hand, according to Chris Anderson in his book “Free”, there was a time where Amazon had implemented a free shipping offer. The sales of Amazon amazingly went up in every country. But, despite of these advantages, it is you who can judge whether you will implement a free or cheap shipping fee for your customers.

No Sales And Specials Section

This section will aid your customers in looking into the new and trending products you have. It will make the life of those customers who are always fond of following the trend. According to the E-tailing group study, there are about 42% of the total online buyers who would buy products which are discounted and about 62% of them will buy from sales and specials section.

It is always good to see when you can determine easily the products which are on sale so that when your buyers are tight on their budget, they only need to look at the sales section.

No Shopping Cart

Allow your customers to have a shopping cart so that they can easily scan the products they have decided to buy when they were short on their budget. Most individuals who shop online tend to have a shopping cart in every online shopping site they visit.

You can also provide for a setting like “save the cart”, so that when the products contents in the shopping cart have expired, what your customers need to do is just to revisit their shopping cart.

Limited Payment Options and No Suggestion Section

Never limit the payment options for your customers because it will only drive them away. Payment option aside from credit cards such as PayPal and Amazon Payments will help you gain more customers. The reason for this is that customers with credit cards don’t normally type in their details in order to avoid any scam. It is hard for them to trust an online site because once the amount in their credit card is stolen; they know that they will have a hard time getting it back.

You need to give high importance to your customer because without them, your online business would be nothing. It is important to show to your customers that you care for them and that any suggestions or criticisms will be gladly accepted. It will also provide a venue for you to realize your mistakes and think of better solutions to improve your online business.


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