How to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

The success of your blog highly depends on your writing skills. Marketing, design and all the others are undoubtedly important, but in the end people follow your blog if you produce quality content. Otherwise, they come once, maybe twice, but they will eventually realize that your blog is a complete waste of time. Here are a few tips on how to improve your blog writing skills.


Read and write a lot

Virtually all brilliant bloggers are avid readers. It doesn’t matter what you read, you can choose fiction or non-fictive books/blogs/fanfics.  All that matters is to familiarize yourself with lots of writing styles.

You will start noticing what could be changed in the books that you read. If you observe how other writers do it, you will eventually realize what you are doing wrong. It is a good idea to subscribe to famous blogs. You will most likely expand your vocabulary and learn things you didn’t know before.

Do some grammar exercises

Grammar rules are often disregarded by native speakers. I am amazed to see in comments and forums that nonnative speakers pay more attention to grammar than some natives. Revise the use of conditional clauses, verb tenses, words that are pronounced in a similar way (than/then) etc. Take a grammar book and browse through its chapters. You will be surprised to see how much you forgot since high-school.


Before writing anything, make sure you get your facts straight. It is nothing worse than misinforming your readers. It discredits you right away. See several points of view of a matter before forming your own opinion. Make sure to always provide the facts on which your opinion is based. References are mandatory when you state facts or give advice in a blog post.

Outline your ideas

If you put your ideas in order, you will have a much clearer view of the topic. You will be able to differentiate the good ideas from the absolutely boring/wrong/irrelevant ones. An outline directs your efforts toward the ideas that deserve your attention.

No filler words

There is no point in using 500 words for an idea that can be clearly presented with 50 words. Filler words waste the time of your readers and they actually miss the important stuff if they decide to stop reading the article because of fluff content.

Note down creative ideas

You can’t just press a button to come up with a creative idea. The idea comes when it comes not when you want. You may be on the bus, in a boring class, on a date with a gorgeous girl, or in a tree house playing with your boy. You must be prepared for any situation. Chances are you always carry your phone with you anyway. The minute you get an idea, write it on your phone.

Lots of editing

The first draft is seldom perfect. You keep revising the content adding and deleting information. You change the tone, the words and even entire paragraphs. You may even change the topic altogether. Editing your articles yourself will help you become a better blogger.


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