5 Content Marketing Growth Hacks for Bloggers

Content marketing can be a very effective tool to direct traffic toward your blog if you take full advantage of it. It is all about creating content that people want to see and share with others. Here are 5 things you can do to boost your content marketing strategy.


Arising emotions

The first thing to do is see what kind of content works for your audience. Statistics showed that content goes viral on the internet if it arises emotions in the ones who see it. The most effective emotion is awe followed by laughter and amusement.  Contrary to popular belief, sadness, anger and empathy are not as effective. Bottom line is that if you can make people be astonished by facts or images, they will click the share/like button.

Clickable headlines

There is a new trend circulating online nowadays regarding headlines. They are often incomplete to make people curious. For example: “She opens the box and you won’t believe what was inside” or “He uses 3 simple ingredients and you will be amazed of the result.”

You notice they never mention exactly what it’s all about. You are left thinking “what was inside that box,” “what did he do with those ingredients” and “what are the ingredients.” It is a powerful technique to make people view your content.

Strong calls to action

In the past, bloggers didn’t care much about calls to action because they were unaware of their effectiveness. A simple phrase to describe what the button does was enough. As more and more money was invested in marketing, it became more and more clear that calls to action make people click.

For example, a simple “Sign up” button is not enough. “Get your free e-book” is much more effective. “Submit” buttons are obsolete because they were replaced by phrases like “Get your free quote,” “Get 20% discount” etc.  Even the “Buy now” button will soon become extinct because calls to action like “Add to cart – Save 20%” urge the buyer to take action.

Guest posts

Although it can be had to find bloggers willing to let you guest post on their blog, it is one of the best methods to increase exposure of your site. Your guest posts will be seen by all the readers of that blogger. That is why you must look for popular bloggers. Unfortunately, they might charge you a fee. If you want to get a couple of answers, you generally have to send lots of emails.

Free valuable content

If people see you offer valuable content for free, they will want to try your premium content as well because you are now credible in their eyes. Sites that offer virtually nothing for free are usually not successful. Information is everywhere and visitors can just go to another site and get for free better things than you offer with money. It is important to not fill your blog with posts promoting your premium content but to put emphasis on offering quality content for free.


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