Make Big Money Blogging? 4 Realities You Need to Face Now

A lot of people are obsessed with the idea of making a living out of blogging. Every year, 44.5 million new blog posts are made with same hopes in mind but only a few of them reach the point where one can call blogging income a living.


Behind this phenomenon, there are certain factors working. In this post, we will discuss top four of these factors and how should you tackle them.

Take Blogging as a Business

Most of the people think that they can earn a living out of blogging without giving it the attention required for a business. This myth leads them to working fewer hours, discouragement with low results and eventual failure.

Like any business that gives a living, blogging business needs same attention and hard work. No blogger works four hours a week. No one works for six months or for a year and eat the fruit of that effort for rest of their life. Like any business, blogging takes your hard work. Combined with minimum wage work ethics, you will have to put extra effort for the promotion and progress of your business.

You will have to develop content, find marketing solutions and earning streams and find loyal readers and followers to add to your email list. A bench mark of 1000 loyal email addresses list can confirm to your goals but it takes a year on average to achieve that.

Monetization Strategy

Creating great content and having some advertisements on your blog won’t get you any nearer to your goal of making living. You will have to find and use different monetization strategies and keep the one that best works for you. A list of actionable monetization strategies can be found here.

Keep High Perseverance and Determination

Blogging is not sprint or a treasure hunt where you get the finish line and get what you worked for. But blogging is more like a marathon. The determination you had when you were first introduced to blogging and its potential will be needed all along the path to success. That determination and your perseverance are your best companions in the hard work of blogging business.

To get perseverance, keep your eyes right on the goal. Any distraction will cost you months, or even year, to get your success goal. You know about the true potential of blogging, Right! Now constantly remind yourself of that potential and the reason you started blogging and you will pass this step.

Build a Business Model that Solves Real Life Problems

Have you heard about Fake Steve Jobs blog! The guy took the chance, adopted the persona of Steve Jobs and blogged. He got half million visit in one day and about five million visit in one month but came out with nothing more than $1000. Why! His blog had no importance in real life.

When you are constructing your blogging business model, do not be like that guy. Build a business model that serves a real life purpose. Identify a real life problem and solve that problem with your blog. The more people find your blog relevant to a real life problem, the more loyal and admiration. If you have right monetization strategy, you can get a real living from your blogging business with this admiration.


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