TV Series Are The Books Of The 21st Century

Do you spend a lot of time watching TV series? Updating yourself with the recent and most heart-touching episode? Most people today are now fond of watching TV series rather than reading books. They prefer watching with advertisements rather than devote their hours reading long paragraphs and imagine what the author portrays the book.


With TV series, you don’t need to think over and over again the setting of the event, you don’t have to imagine how the character looks like, or you don’t need to give much of your time only to find out that it is not really worth your time. Reading books have their advantages. You get to improve your vocabulary and reading skills. But it doesn’t mean that TV shows or series can’t offer the same. Aside from improving the vocabulary, some people even acquired accent and intonations of the actors or actresses.

You can never deny that there is an overgrowing popularity in the demands for TV series. So many varieties are being presented to the public to judge, criticize, and enjoy. It cuts away the old and traditional sense of using one’s imagination compared to reading a novel, short story, or other types of books. The TV series is one of the most popular ways to consume knowledge and entertainment. The ones who are more on the visual faculties can easily grasp the knowledge and ideas they can get from certain movies or TV series.

Books Turned To Movies/TV Shows

  • Carrie – Authored by the famous Stephen King.
  • Horns – Joe Hill is the author of the book. Viewers were astonished because it was carefully and thoroughly portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe.
  • The Hundred – Authored by Kass Morgan
  • Divergent – Veronica Roth
  • If I Stay – Authored by Gayle Forman

The lists are just some of the famous books which were turned into reality. But most people say that the book is better than the movie since it is more detailed and convincing. It touches the heart of every reader. Yet, most individuals still prefer to spend their time watching series in order to lessen the burden when it comes to imagining the event. People just leave it to the experts so that they can enjoy whatever is left of their tiring and extraneous day. Take for example the famous TV series, Game of Thrones. Most of the individuals like it when it is presented visually.

People tend to use their minds less, the more they let other individuals do their job for them. This factual behavior comes from the notion “Why should you work hard when you can find someone else to do the job for you.” Although this may not be healthy nor is it a positive behavior, what else can you do? This is the trend now and people love it. Contrary to the negative effects, it also has positive effects. It enhances the talents of every individual and gives them the opportunity to express themselves in such a way that the society can accept and appreciate.


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