5 Awesome Vegan Startups That Will Change the Way We Eat

Trending new food ideas have proved vegan alternatives aren’t just for health enthusiasts anymore!  Vegetable based replica meats and dairy replacement creations have become the go to choice for consumers of all lifestyles, not just the usual allergy sufferers, vegans, vegetarians and those who float between.  These trailblazing companies recognize the demand from the public for something healthy, animal –free, yet delicious, and have answered our cries with some amazing products!

Vegan cuisine is the future, and these food startups are leading the way.

  1. Kite Hill

Ask any vegan or vegetarian, and without hesitation, they will confirm the question they hear most often is “How do you live without cheese?”  Well, times they are a changing, and we can have the best of both worlds now!  To be blatantly honest, the vegan cheeses you find at your local grocery taste like something you found underneath the seat of your car that sat there for a week- off-putting to say the least.


Kite Hill has taken the art of cheese crafting beyond the basic cheese slice.  This startup has assembled a top of the class team of highly regarded chefs to craft top of the line artisanal cheeses.  Wheels and wedges are showcased with descriptions such as “earthy, black truffle overtones,” and they take service a step further by offering recommendations for wine pairings.

  1. Beyond Meat

Focusing on their specialty of “beef” crumbles and “chicken” strips, Beyond Meat has dedicated their efforts to help reduce the excess meat production, to produce perfection with their plant-based proteins.  Vegan and Company Creator, Ethan Brown, exited a lucrative career in clean energy division with a simple idea.


A problem had been troubling him, and he wondered, “Would we continue to raise and eat animals in such staggering numbers if a perfect plant-based replication of meat existed?”  He found a solution to his worries in starting his own company.  For people who have awe-inspiringly dropped their steak knives, will more than gladly garner the benefits of his deep thinking.

  1. Hampton Creek Foods

Mayonnaise is one of those condiments that you either love it or hate it.  For those of you who love it, we know you really love it, and can’t imagine a sandwich without it!  Hampton Creek Foods is the company for you!  They have created a vegan friendly version Just Mayo; it is so delicious you don’t even realize it’s not regular mayo.


Believe it or not, it’s tasty enough to take on a classic, so good in fact, they have decided to market to a large audience.  Watch your backs Hellman’s, competition coming in strong.

  1. Primal Spirits Food (aka Primal Strips)

Another beloved taste people miss on a vegan diet is the salty, chewy texture of jerky type foods.  Thank your lucky stars for the inventors at Primal Spirit Foods who love a jerky option as much as the next person does.  They have stepped it up a notch with classic familiar flavors with a twist, such as Mesquite Lime, Thai Peanut, Texas BBQ and many more.  Couple this comfort snack with the fact you have your own gourmet version to share on road trips, even your junk food aficionado friends will want to share!

  1. Raw Ice Cream Co.

Frosty, soft, rich, smooth and straight from the container is the way most of us enjoy our ice cream.  The folks at Raw Ice cream co. know that, and boy do they do it up right.  Not only do they offer a wide variety of flavors, but in addition they hand craft every single one with natural, raw ingredients.  They even serve sandwiches in case you’re a vegan in need of lunch and dessert on the go.  In the near future, they plan to add online ordering for even quicker service or deliveries. The cherry on top… their deliveries will be made in entirely compostable coolers – amazing, isn’t it?  These people take pride in their business and Mother Earth all at once, from production to processing to packaging without even a second thought of their profit margin.


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