Stop Smoking While It’s Still Early Enough

Whether you are a chain smoker, a pack-a-box smoker, or a teen smoker, quitting it can be very tough. The more you get to know about the options that are laid down in your doorstep for you on how to quit smoking, the easier the quitting process gets. All you need is just a right and precise game plan in order to line up your needs, break your smoking addiction, manage those urges, and you can be one of the millions who have attained that victory.


You should also bear in mind that when you quit smoking, you will undergo different withdrawal symptoms which may last for at least 2 days after you quit smoking. These withdrawal symptoms are, but not limited to, dizziness, anger, impatience, Feelings of frustration, Sleep disturbances, boredom or Restlessness, Trouble concentrating, Irritability (2-4 weeks), Anxiety, Depression, Headaches, Increased appetite, Constipation and gas (1-2 weeks), Tiredness, Cough, Weight gain,  dry mouth, nasal drip, sore throat, slow heart rate, chest tightness, and the like.

Game Plan In Quitting

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself the reasons why you want to quit smoking. Think of reasons that will truly help you quit. Get it from the heart and don’t just look for these reasons in the internet or from other persons. It must come from within in order for it to truly help you.


Determine your smoking routine, you have to carefully trace every moment you have the urge to smoke. By doing this, you will be able to know the time for you to resist and thus, making you prepare for it. You also need this in order for you to break this routine. By breaking your smoking routine, the urge will slowly go its course in a different direction.

A specific date wherein you can determine that you have really quit smoking is important. Deadlines are important. It gives you the thought of hurrying things up in order to reach it. You also need to tell your friend, family, and other companions of your plan in order to lessen temptation. To make things easier, you can look for a quitting buddy, in this way, you have someone to help you get through those rough times.

Be prepared at all costs. You need to prepare yourself, especially when the withdrawal symptoms come into the picture. You need to prepare everything and make sure that everything is in line with your plan and make sure that you can achieve it before your deadline.

The main reason why it is hard for most individuals to quit smoking is the presence of nicotine in tobacco. Smoking can be both a psychological and physical addiction. Getting out of this addiction is a challenge where some people don’t have the courage to take. Once you can stop this addiction at the age of 25, there is a greater possibility of getting out of the risk zone within 10 years.  But never mind this drug or addiction, all you have to do is to focus on your game plan, destroy your smoking routine, and the reasons why you want to quit.


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