Stephen Hawking Says The World Is On Its Way To A Catastrophic Ending

Stephen Hawking through his writings and speeches says that the world is heading towards a sudden catastrophic end. This should not be an alarm bell to make you get worried. His findings and declarations are very true in deed. However, they will remain true if you and I do not change how we do our things. The declaration that our planet may be headed towards a catastrophic end is aimed for our own good. If you do not know where you are headed to, you won’t be able to correct your misdoings and boost on your strengths.


World bank CEO Mr. Mark Clacker proclaims that for the world to be able to feed the 9 billion projected population by 2050, we need to produce more than twice the food we are producing now. The greenhouse gas effect that results from agriculture today is so enormous that production of anything more than what is being produced now can be a real catastrophe. Unless we revert back to the climate smart traditional agriculture, we will not be able to save the planet but instead plunge it in to a catastrophic ending.

Below are some of the four obstacles enumerated by the World Bank to be solved if saving the world is our priority:

  1. Decades long agreements on Climate change haven’t saved the planet

All along, the talks on climate change have been neglecting the agricultural sector. We need an agreement that touches on agriculture and this would give a triple win on this war. This would lead to Reduction of greenhouse gases, more food production and poverty reduction especially on women and the youth. Sadly enough, these are aspects that are highly being fought by some capitalist cartels and ideologies.

  1. Technological Advancement: Silicon Valley Technology responsible for failing agriculture & food production

Silicon technologies that involve the mobile telephony, cars and other machineries are what many capitalists are interested in. as a result, all the big money are spent on such sectors of technology. Capitalists are no longer interested in the agricultural sector like they did in the 18th, 19th as well as the 20th century. As a result, there are no technological advancements in agriculture. This needs to be improved as we are in great need of very modern agricultural technologies. By the present trend, it is Hawking advice that we start looking for more human space.

3. Carbon emission leader in killing the planet earth: Regulation is paramount

If laws can be enacted where one has to pay for the amounts of carbon their firms and farms release to the environment, many will seek for better and greener farming methods. This would absolutely save the planet from the greenhouse gas effect that we are being faced with today. Otherwise, those Big Oil executives, billionaire car company owners, bankers among others will lead the planet to its catastrophic death bed.

4. Water: 25% of CO2 emissions is as a result of excessive use by agriculture

Too much of the 70% of the fresh water used by agriculture goes to a waste. The agric water is responsible for the generation of 25% of greenhouse gases. By this trend, we will neither be able to feed the 9-10 billion people by 2050 nor have an inhabitable planet.

Scientists and other people a like need to wake up and fight for change or else as Stephen Hawking says, the earth will be on its death bed in the very near future.


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