SLS Shampoos Are The Reason For Your Bad Hair

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate popularly known as SLS is a detergent, emulsifier and surfactant used in a lot many cosmetic products as well as many of the cleaning agents which we use in your bathrooms and kitchen. SLS is present in almost all products like hair color products, scalp treatment products, shampoos, body cleansers, bleaching agents; make up products, soaps, detergents, toothpastes and others.


SLS is a natural product as it is originated from the inside of a coconut but the problem that comes with SLS is when the manufacturers use the ethoxylation process which results in the contamination of SLS with a cancer causing by-product known as dioxane. SLS is used for its high foaming capacity. You must know that there is another similar product known as Sodium laurite ether sulphate (SLES) which is less harmful than SLS but still can cause damage. SLS is mostly consumed when we shampoo our hair because that is quite frequent in nature. Shampoos containing SLS can cause a lot of damage. We will take you through multiple reasons of why you must avoid using SLS shampoos:

  • IT is the main reason behind your skin irritation when you shampoo. Dandruff sores and dermatitis is mainly caused due to SLS shampoos.
  • The shampoo which drains out after usage contaminates the ground water and is highly toxic to aquatic animals like fish and then these fishes are consumed by us later on.
  • We use a pesticide for shampooing because SLS has been categorized as a pesticide for organic farming. It is hazardous for environment.
  • Taking shower in hot water makes SLS shampoos emit sodium oxides as well as sulfur oxides which are highly toxic in nature.
  • SLS is capable of eroding proteins and fats which are necessary for our skin and hair.
  • If used for a longer period of time or maybe a longer term then these SLS particles can permeate our skin, brain and tissues causing serious damage to us.
  • Cataract in adults and poor visual capacity of children is attributed due to SLS products, this is why after a long term of usage of SLS shampoos many women start to develop cataract at an age of 50 and above.
  • SLS is the primary reason behind hair fall and dandruff. Manufacturers claim that SLS shampoos will help penetrate anti dandruff elements inside your scalp but this isn’t the truth, it actually enhances damage caused to hair.
  • SLS make our body cells highly vulnerable to elements which can later on penetrate our body with ease.

These were the many reasons why SLS containing shampoos cause damage to your hair like excessive dandruff, premature graying, greasiness etc. You must rather prefer going for SLS free shampoos which are completely organic in nature and do not cause any harm to your hair, skin and environment. Such shampoos are easily available online and are highly recommended for people who are suffering from hair related problems like dandruff, hair fall etc. These shampoos can be used regularly without any such side effects and are more effective than those SLS containing shampoos.


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