Organic Food, Pay The Farmer Or Pay The Hospital

Are you keen in buying the types or kinds of foods you want to eat? In today’s generation, you should be very keen in choosing the food you eat. There are a lot of cases of food poisoning due to the mishandling of products or due to other contributory factors.


There are even times when you think that the food you are purchasing in your favorite grocery store or favorite vendor is as healthy as that what you expected, but the truth is that it possesses pesticides which can be very detrimental to your health. These products may either be a genetically engineered product or a product that is being sprayed with other harmful substance.

Damages Caused By Herbicides

First of all it is best to know what a herbicide means. A herbicide is commonly known by the public as weed killer. These are pesticides which the farmers used in order to do away with unwanted plants or weeds. Some say that selective herbicides will only kill those plants or weeds which are specifically targeted and will leave those crops which are desired, unharmed. The question now is, are these desired crops really unharmed? It may seem that they are, but because of these herbicides, the plants can detriment the health of a human being.


A great example of the detrimental effects of herbicide is that which happened during the Vietnam War. Agent Orange was the famous word during this time. This operation was made possible because of the presence of herbicides. The military personnel used a mixture of herbicides. These herbicides were sprayed across the forested areas in order to secure the area and limit the hiding places of the enemy.


The sad thing is that it had affected numerous individuals, including the American veterans. Reports show that due to this operation, lots of people possessed extraordinary birth defects and diseases like cancers, liver diseases, and other illnesses.

Some Symptoms Of Pesticide Poisoning

It’s always best to be careful with regards to what we are eating. Below are some of the symptoms that will indicate poisoning due to pesticides.


  • Early Symptoms – weakness, headache, nose irritation, eye irritation, skin irritation, fatigue, joints are normally experiencing soreness, loss of weight, moodiness, thirst, perspiration, restlessness, diarrhea, and nausea.
  • Acute or Severe Poisoning – unconsciousness, increased rate of breathing, uncontrollable twitching of the muscles, intense thirst, inability to breathe, pinpoint pupils, vomiting, and convulsions.

Matters On Genetically Engineered Fruits And Vegetables.

These foods were made illegal in different countries because of its effects to the human body. Although there are still no substantial reports regarding the illness or detrimental effects of these genetically engineered fruits and vegetables, there are already controversies which primarily involve the biotechnology companies, consumer, governmental regulators, and farmers. The disputes involve matters on labeling, regulation, and effects on the human health and the environment.


What may seem to be a healthy organic food is as harmful as those which are genetically engineered or altered. Nowadays, make sure to buy foods which are truly organic and not a sham or else you get to pay both the farmer and the hospital


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