Canned Food VS cooked food

Most people are too busy with work and with everything goes on with their daily lives. Because of the busy schedules people choose to take fast and convenient food. Canned foods are easily bought in the groceries.


People tend to buy canned foods for two main reasons, it is cheap and convenient. Are you aware how bad eating canned food is? Is eating this sort of food really worth it? It is best to first find out the disadvantages, and possible risks of constantly eating canned goods. Why is it important to eat fresh and cooked foods? Nobody can argue about the benefit fresh and cooked foods can offer.

There are a lot of reasons why you should avoid canned foods. The fact is that it deteriorates your health condition slowly. Let us find out what these are factors are. Canned food containers have a plastic lining inside.


This is for the purpose of keeping the food fresh. What is alarming is that the plastic lining contains BPA or Bisphenol. BPA is harmful to our health because it is a toxic chemical. BPA causes you to have hormone imbalance, hypertension, being obese, heart ailment and worse is cancer. Imported canned food is also unhealthy. The reason for that is their quality hygiene standard is lower compared to other countries. The famous salmonella outbreak is from the canned green beans from Columbia. Aluminum leakage of the can is also harmful.


Once your body accumulates aluminum it can lead to memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. Preservatives are always present to every processed food. Preservative are kept in salt. This helps the food not to rot and keeping it fresh. But too much salt intake is harmful. FDA stated that preservative is not harmful to the public but come to think of it, it consist of excessive salt. Still this is not healthy especially to our beloved elders, children, and pregnant woman and to a person who has a chronic disease. Apart from the stated risks above, canned food is less tasty compared to a fresh and cooked food. The physical appearance of the canned food might not be that appealing because of the preservatives in it. It is stale and very unhealthy.

Is it really worth it? Replacing the protein, and other nutrients you get from freshly cooked food with BPA, aluminum and preservatives? This is very alarming because canned foods give a very high risks of diseases. You may not feel the effect of your canned food intake but as soon as it accumulate inside your body then you feel the result of it. You do not want to reach to that point. You should eliminate all the canned foods and use the fresh ones for a healthier you. There are a lot of fresh and not so expensive fruits and vegetables in the market. You can also search online for a fast and easy recipe to cook in a couple of minutes. You can think of ideas to re-cook the left – over food


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