A New Report Confirms The Honeybees Are Dying Too Fast To Prevent Extinction

Honeybees are as important as other creatures. This beautiful creation greatly contributes to the production of the crops. Unfortunately, in today’s generation, the honeybee population is fast decreasing. A recent report from the US government states that the honey bee population is decreasing at a rate that can no longer support or guarantee the long term survival of this specie. The primary, but not the only cause that contributes to this decrease in population is the presence of the so-called neonicotinoid poisons. Because of this poison the honeybee specie is coming close to its extinction.


Last March 27, 2014, the Harvard University published an important study that confirmed the ideas and thoughts of scientists who are found outside of the US. The most important idea which was laid down by these scientists is the fact that the primary cause of the so-called colony collapse disorder is the neonicotinoids. The Harvard University study will show that around 50% of the honeybee colony or population who have been in contact or encountered this pesticide has collapsed.

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The use of neonicotinoid poisons in the European Union was already banned due to its harmful effects to the environment. The Union also found out that it is because of this poison that the death of the honeybees will soon cause an unprecedented death to the environment, even to human beings.

Despite the banning of neonicotinoid poison in the European Union, the Americans still use this harmful substance because there was still no substantial proof that can support the idea on the decrease of this honeybee colony. Numerous corporations alleged that the cause of the decrease is not due to this substance, but it is due to ‘mites’.

herbicide-587589_1280 (1)

A report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the USDA last May 16, 2014, shows the death rate of the honeybee colony. The following is the statistics made by the USDA on the managed honeybee colony losses in the US:

2006 – 2007 – approximately 32%

2007 – 2008 – approximately 36%

2008 – 2009 – approximately 29%

2009 – 2010 – approximately 34%

2010 – 2011 – approximately 30%

2011 – 2012 – approximately 22%

2012- 2013 – approximately 31%

2013 -2014 –  approximately 23%

During winter season where the honeybees are at their most vulnerable state, the United States have lost approximately 23% of its honeybee population. Pesticides and other insecticides should be strictly controlled by the government to make sure that these will not detriment any creature living in this world. The extinction of the honeybee population can greatly contribute to the problems that the world is now facing. The crop population will become limited, thus, causing limited food supply.

Companies like Syngenta, Dupont, Monsanto, Bayer, and other companies with products possessing this harmful substance is highly contributing to the death of our precious honeybees. The products sold by these companies possess certain substance that serves as a haphazard to more animals than we can ever think of. Now should be the time to act on something that can make a change, be an advocate and save the honeybees.


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