The Benefits of Yoga on Your Joints

For over 5000 years, Yoga has been practiced for furthering the health of body, mind and spirit. Even though it originated in India, its place in western world has seen steady increase in last decade or so. It is now a regular part of health and fitness routines for many.  The wonder of yoga is that it can benefit people of all ages and all fitness levels. It can be very therapeutic going to yoga classes too, because everyone has the same goals as you – to become stress free, to be more pain free, to have increased flexibility and to find inner peace. These health benefits will benefit you in all areas of your life.


Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

The beauty about yoga is that it isn’t just a form of working out, but rather a choice towards a healthier, more tranquil and focused lifestyle. Another benefit with yoga is that you can choose a yoga style that is tailored towards your particular lifestyle. Yoga’s meditation and deep breathing practices help nurture an inner shift from the usual to-do lists, which occupy our mind all the times, to something bigger. It helps you to de-stress and unclutter your mind, in turn helping you to get more focused.

Joint Disease can be treated with Yoga

Debilitating diseases – those that interfere with the activities of daily living – such as rheumatism, depression, backache and arthritis can all be treated with yoga.
The bones and joints of the skeletal system help a person to get around every day, and arthritis leads to deterioration of the joints, with accompanying pain and loss of function. Osteoarthritis is the common form of the disease where the bones become porous and brittle. This results in an increased risk of fracture together with chronic pain and disability. It is possible and beneficial for those with joint aliments to exercise.

Physical Activity Increased

More than 75 scientific trials have been published on yoga in medical journals and studies repeatedly show that yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity because of its meditative nature. Yoga can increase muscle strength and improve flexibility and is associated with having less bodily aches and pains.


If you are suffering with arthritis and joint pain so that you can scarcely do the simplest of things, there are yoga asanas that are actually prescribed by yoga practitioners as the best and most natural ways to beat joint pain and stiffness. For instance, Vriksha asana is excellent for joints and muscles and great for toning the muscles of the toes, fingers, ankles, knees, hip joints and shoulder joints and increases the circulation of blood around the affected joints. As a bonus it helps your mind focus and relax.

You can Also Benefit

The fact that studies have been done to show that yoga is helpful in pain management should be all the inspiration you need you go out and get your portion of spinal alignment, muscle toning and mental and physical fitness.


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