How To Become A DJ

Are you in to music? Do you love mixing different songs and making a whole new remix? If yes, you should try becoming a DJ. People say that the more you love your job, the more you become successful. So why not engage yourself in something that interests you. Strive to become a famous DJ and make the night of every individual who goes out at night for fun.  But before jumping into something, it is always best to know what it is, how it is driven, and what are the things needed to be a successful DJ.


DJ is an abbreviation for the word “Disk Jockey”. The person who usually mixes recorded songs or music for the crowd in a club or just a simple gathering is a DJ. This title normally connotes to their profession and the kind of music they play.

What Do DJs Do?

The most famous DJs are those who are normally playing in the nightclubs, bars, and other disco places. Each bar or club has a distinct feel, audience, and reputation wherein it would also mean that these areas would vary depending on the type of musical selection being played in that area. Most of the time, the core job of the club DJ is to keep the dance floor full with people having fun and enjoying the beats.


There are radio DJs who normally introduce and plays the music which are broadcast on FM, AM, internet, or digital radio stations.

Also, there is this so called Mobile DJs. They are the type of DJs who travel with a portable sound system and plays different recorded songs or music at several events.

Determination And Experimentation

Bear in mind that in every dream, it is important to know why you want to achieve that dream. There can be a whole lot of reasons why you wanted to become a DJ. Be honest with yourself and determine the reason why you want this. Never hide under your comfort zone. Just explore your environment and test your limits.


If the only reason on why you wanted to become a DJ is to have a lucrative income or you want to be famous, then this will not work for you. Being a DJ is a tough job, you have to learn how to mix the music and blend it with other sounds to make a perfect piece. You need to discover something that can hold your dream in place because this is very important when things go rough.


Since a lot of people are in to music nowadays, you have to test your limits and stand out from the rest. Standing out from the crowd is a very big challenge. Thus, it is important that you have to love what you are doing, if not, it will only give you an instant feel.

You also need to get your brains, hands, and ears working. Try looking for the perfect software. Do not buy an expensive one, try the free versions first and when you start to like it, purchase the whole software.

Some of the famous and recommended software for the beginners is the Virtual DJ Home, Mixxx, and Traktor Pro 2 and it is also recommended to gain some sound mastering experience. The Virtual DJ is free and can be a very functional piece for beginners. It can support a lot of decks that you want and also includes whistles and bells. Mixxx is also another perfect option and can give you a friendly taste of what a DJ feels like. It can support time code control, it is well-featured, and has an open-source feature. The Traktor Pro 2 can also be your personal choice when you want to become a DJ. Although it does not have a free version, it can provide for a free and a very functional demo. It has the perfect quantization, syncing, and effects.


It is also important to learn the basic skills when aspiring to become a DJ. You need to learn how to mix, EQ, phrase, beatmatch, and prep.

In beatmatching, you need to be able to mix 2 tracks that you are playing in order to create a single tempo and phase. It can help tune or develop your ears in order for you to know what to listen to. On the other hand, phrasing needs to be perfect. You need to mix your tracks in a single point which can make music with more sense.


EQ is short for equalizing. This is the dropping or the boosting of frequencies in order for the tracks to be combined in one piece. Try to look for training videos in order to help you improve skills.

The perspective of choosing to become a DJ is very appealing in a whole lot of reasons. You can be free to do something you want, you are performing something you love, it will not bore you, it may be lucrative at some point, and other reasons that can make you feel alive. Being a DJ is sometimes a tough job but, as long as, you are doing something you love, you won’t have to compel yourself in doing something you don’t love.


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