Genius And Crazy Goes Together

Most of the world’s greatest geniuses are at times crazy. Most of them act strange and unnatural than other human beings act. These scientists even have personalities or characteristics that can be attributed to why and how they become geniuses.


For some time, people see craziness as it is, but some people see this craziness as one of the factors that a certain person will soon become a genius. Dr. Alfred Barrios even mentioned that most people have this wrong notion that geniuses are born and not made, when in fact, these traits of geniuses is developed through the years.


Characteristics Of Geniuses

Dr. Barrios listed down some of the characteristics which are common to geniuses.  Below are the few known characteristics.


  1. Drive – they all have a strong desire to achieve their dreams by working their asses off for a very long time. They are willing to give everything they have just to fulfill their dreams.
  2. Courage – in every aspect of life, it is always important to consider something that is impossible. This trait makes a genius the way he is. He tries to do something extraordinary and disregards what people thinks.
  3. Devoted to their goals – Geniuses have a good grasp on what they want and when they have a plan, they go after it with all they’ve got. Just like the characteristic of a driven person, they control their lives and follow their schedules.
  4. Knowledge – They never stopped learning. Every second and every minute they find something new to learn that will contribute to their success.
  5. Optimism – Every genius is optimistic. No matter how much they fail, they still find a way to make it better. Focus is their best asset in achieving their dreams.
  6. Ability to judge – They don’t judge something until they have thoroughly understood the reason why it became like that or why it resulted to this effect. Possessing an open mind in order to evaluate things is something to be admired of.
  7. Chance taker – Geniuses take their chances. They love to risk just to get what they want. A person should never be afraid to take chances as long as in the end, he will learn from his mistakes.
  8. Persuasion – Although some do not possess this characteristic, most geniuses do. It helps them get ahead of everything else. Believe in what you are trying to achieve and persuasion will be a piece of cake.
  9. Patience – Expecting more of yourself in doing something you want is one thing, but being patient with others is another. Geniuses have so much patience and because of this trait, they are able to attain their desired dreams.
  10. Curiosity – this is another trait wherein most people have but normally do not bother to push through it. Geniuses have this trait, the only difference from normal human beings is that they find a way to satisfy their curiosity.

Crazy And Genius People


Pythagoras, the famous Greek mathematician and the one who discovered the Pythagorean theorem, has crazy ideas which has not flourished through the years. He had this philosophy of vegetarianism, but prohibiting the eating of beans.

250px-Tycho_BraheTycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer and known for his eccentric death and life, lost his nose when he had a duel in his college years. He loves to party and would normally show his guest a tamed elk and a dwarf named “Jepp”. During his party, he even insisted to stay on the table when he needed to urinate because according to him, leaving the table is a sign of bad etiquette.

220px-Tesla_circa_1890Nikola Tesla has an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). He also became obsessed of the number “3”. He usually walks around the structure or building 3 times before he enters it. Also, he would normally use exactly 18 napkins right after he finishes his meal until the utensils are sparkly clean.

220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild183-R57262,_Werner_HeisenbergWerner Heisenberg, a German theoretical physicist and the one responsible for the quantum mechanics, nearly failed his doctoral exam due to his the lack expertise in experimental techniques. There was even a time where his professor asked him on the matter on how a battery works, he did not even have an idea.

240px-JROppenheimer-LosAlamosRobert Oppenheimer, a physicist and fluent in 8 languages, have problems in comprehending the limitations of people that surrounds him.


Buckminster Fuller, the one who created the geodesic dome, wore 3 watches just to tell him the several time zones while crossing the globe. He updates his diary every 15-minute interval just to make sure.

Scientists are crazy most of the time, but without their craziness what would the world be like? It is something to have the courage to show the world that you are different. Pursuing your dreams in a crazy way is something that should not be ashamed of. It is better to be crazy and to achieve your dreams rather than being normal and do nothing to make your life better.


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