Juicing Is Dead, Smoothies Are Back

Juicing or smoothie, which is which? Ever wondering which is healthier between the two? If you don’t have any thorough understanding of the advantages of both juicing and smoothies, you will think that the two are just similar and both have similar effects. But, nowadays, studies show that smoothies are healthier than just getting the juice out of the fruits or vegetables.


Pros And Cons Of Juicing


The process of extracting the nutrients and water out of the fruits and vegetables is called juicing. It also discards the fiber, which is indigestible to some people. Your body does not have to digest harder than the usual in order to absorb the nutrients or break down the food. It makes the food and other nutrients from the fruits and vegetables available to your body. Juicing is very helpful to those who have a digestive system which is very sensitive or undergoing an illness or disorder.


Also, the freshly juiced vegetables contribute to the detoxification and healing program because the nutrients found in these products are very nourished, rich, and can restore the cellular level of the body.

The drawbacks in juicing are: it can increase your sugar level and juices have neither fiber nor protein.

Pros And Cons Of Smoothies

Smoothies, unlike juices, consist of the entire fruit and vegetable. The skin and the fibers found in the vegetables and fruits are also included which makes it hard for those who have a sensitive digestive system. Another drawback is that smoothies are not normally made with vegetables, only fruits with high-fiber content. However, this process is healthier than juicing because it contains the complete nutrition that can be found in certain fruits and vegetables.


It is faster to make compared to juicing. You don’t have to peel off the skin of the fruits and vegetables; you just have to put it directly in the blender. Because of the fiber in your smoothies, the volume of the drink will increase.

In making a smoothie, aside from retaining the fiber in your fruits and vegetable, you can also add omega-3 fatty acids which are heart-healthy and other beneficial fiber. For a more nutritious smoothie, try to mix your fruits with other vegetables, which can complement your drink. You can even maintain your weight and help lose some of the excess fat because smoothies are heavier that juices and, thus, makes you satisfied until your next scheduled meal.


In the last few years, there was quite a huge trend in the juicing industry because the wellness communities prefer it that way. But it turned out that fruits and vegetables must be eaten as a whole and not just its juices. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are far more nutritious than those being juiced. When you make a smoothie, you get a lot of nutrients, vitamins and fiber that you miss on juicing. Thus, it is just the right time to sell your juicer and get yourself a good blender to spice up your healthy meals.


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