How To Win The Sweet Tooth Addiction

Do you ever experience the sweet tooth addiction? If yes, then continue on reading my friend. Every person has their specific addiction problem. Some may be addicted to smoking, some may be drinking, but for some, it’s just a simple addiction to sweets. But what is totally wrong and unnoticeable among the three is the sweet tooth addiction. Although it may seem harmful, don’t ever be deceived by its sweetness. It can contribute to a whole lot health complications than you know. As early as possible, it is best to control your craving and begin learning about how to have a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Ways On How To Win It

There are so many ways on how to win this sweet tooth battle. Here are some of the possible ways:

  • Consume just a little sweet at a time. It is important to have self-discipline if you want to achieve anything. It is a matter of control. Nothing can be achieved without it.
  • Combine your foods. Every time you eat a sweet treat, eat a couple of health food also. In this way, your health will be balanced because besides eating sweets, you still managed yourself to put some healthy options in your body.
  • An increase in the protein intake is also good. The human body normally signals you to crave for sweet foods, but what it wants to signal is a need for more protein intake such as beans, seafood, and white meat.
  • Healthy breakfast. Try to eat blanched vegetables, brown rice, or lean protein in the morning. Every time you eat sugar in the morning, your sweet tooth addiction will soon be triggered and you will crave for sweets for the rest of the day.
  • Every time you crave for sweets. Try chewing a no-sugar gum. It will help you divert your craving into something else and will sooner let you forget that you were craving for some sweets before.
  • Also, aside from protein intake, it is also advisable to eat foods which are high in magnesium. Include raw cacao, quinoa, seeds and nut, avocado, and dark leafy vegetables to your diet.

Effects Of Sweet Tooth Addiction Free

A person free from this addiction will more likely experience no anxiety whatsoever. You feel that your life has become so much calmer than the usual. Worries about weight and sugar will no longer cross your mind and you will be able to think of strategies that are more plausible and sensible than before. As time goes by, you will soon realize that you are no longer tempted by that sweet call every time you go to a candy store. Also, your natural equilibrium will soon be regained and experience a better metabolic rate.


I used to love sweets so much. Once you give me a chocolate, there will never be a moment where I neglect your offer. I go nuts when I see those beautiful coated candies and chocolates in the candy store. But when I realized its negative effects, I decided to find a time and exert more effort to discipline myself and regained the healthy body I used to have. For those who have this sweet tooth addiction, nothing is impossible; it’s just a matter of self-control.


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