Alcohol Binge Drinking Is More Dangerous Than Having One Drink A Day

What exactly is binge drinking? Heavy episodic drinking, otherwise known as the modern epithet binge drinking, is the drinking or consumption of alcoholic beverages with a main goal of becoming drunk or intoxicated by the numerous consumption of alcohol for only a short period of time. It is a style which is purposely done in countries worldwide and can be sometimes related to social drinking because it is usually done in groups.


Because of the long-term effects of drinking alcohol, the misuse of this habit leads to binge drinking, one of the major public health issues. According to researchers, the college students are among those people who exercise binge drinking more often. The problem here is that when young people practice this habit, they are more likely to have a long list of cognitive and physical problems that can ruin their future.

Dangers Of Binge Drinking

The least among the effects of binge drinking that you can experience is falling on the ground because it impairs your coordination and balance. With coordination and balance impaired, the next danger is for you to encounter an accident. There will be unintentional injuries like burns, drowning, alcohol poisoning, possessing sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy (having a baby born with a disorder called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum), and car crashes; and intentional injuries such as sexual assault, firearm injuries, and domestic violence.


As what was stated above, binge drinking will result in cognitive and physical problems. It can affect a person’s mood, impair his memory, and develop into a serious and dangerous mental health problem. Other health problems that are caused by binge drinking are as follows:

  • Liver disease
  • Poor control of diabetes.
  • Stroke, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Korsakoff’s syndrome
  • Infections in the urinary system
  • Disorders in the central nervous system

In extreme situations, a person could die just because of binge drinking. When you overdoon alcohol, there is a great possibility that you will experience heavy breathing and your heart will stop in an instant.

Advantages Of Stopping Binge Drinking

There are also a lot of advantages when you stop binge drinking. You can improve the verbal and learning skills you have and use it for you to have a better future. Also, a person free from binge drinking and maintains a healthy diet and exercise can make quick decisions better than those who are alcoholics. There is a possibility that you can reverse the brain damage caused by the excessive drinking. Another advantage is that you can reduce the risk of sexual assault, injuries, and violence.


Persons who quit binge drinking or other forms of excessive drinking can use their time more wisely to plan the day ahead of them and make it better. They become less moody because they have control of their body and can save a whole lot of money for the more important things in life.

Stop the binge drinking and start taking care of your health. If you want to drink so badly, just do it in a slow and moderate way. You have to set an example.


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