Why You Don’t Want To Eat Palm oil

The famous palm oil is now being criticized for its health and environmental effects. Although it has been used around the world for centuries, today is the day where you will learn that not everything you know in the past is true.


The oil has played its great role in the numerous processed foods. It is said to possess an abundant content of natural antioxidants and is free from trans fat which result to the artery being clogged. But, don’t be fooled because everything has its drawbacks and this one affects not just the environment but the health as well.

Dangers To Your Body

Although palm oil does not contain any trans fat that will harm the body, the saturated fats found in it is high enough to put your health in danger. A body with a high level of saturated fat can lead to a high risk of cardiovascular problems. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, consumption of processed foods with palm oil rank second to soybean oil.


The Naturopathic practitioner, Linda Page, said that although she recognizes the health benefits of palm oil, she added that nowadays a heavily refined palm oil is very difficult to find. Thus, individuals may find it difficult to digest. Also, the refining process of palm oils can heavily deplete the natural benefits or nutrients found in it.

Consumption of palm oil may result in toxicity. Some researchers say that when a palm oil is oxidized, it can threaten the biochemical and physiological functions of the human body. The dangers of palm oil in an oxidized state are reproductive toxicity and organotoxicity of the kidney, lungs, liver, and heart. It can also increase cerebosides, fatty acids, and phospholipids.

Palm oils also cause inflammation that would likely result in obesity and insulin resistance. In addition, it can cause hypertension since it leads to obesity and high level cholesterol. Natural palm oils have several nutritional values, but once it is processed, it will detriment the health.

Dangers To The Environment

Aside from health problems, it also affects the environment. States that develop oil palms normally do not strictly enforce their environmental laws which lead to a lot of companies encroaching and violating the law. The Palm Oil Mill Effluent permits electricity generation and methane production.

Factories producing palm oils contribute to greenhouse gas emissions that will greatly harm the environment. Also, 8% of the global emissions, it does cause numerous fossil-fuels burning. Environmental groups argue that the production of palm oil results to deforestation and produces great emissions compared to biofuels being removed.


According to researchers, palm fat in your body can cause your cholesterol levels to boost up and the palm plantations in the Indonesia or Malaysia have devastated the environment for years. Thus, it may seem that consuming processed foods with palm oil is not harmful at all, but in truth and in fact, it can affect the human body and the environment in a way we can never imagine.

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