Get Your Omega 3 From Flax Seeds And Live Longer

Flax seeds, one of the world’s healthiest foods, can help preserve the omega 3 to omega 6 levels and make your life even longer than you expected. It may be tiny, but it can give you a long healthy life.


The following are some of the health benefits that can prove the claim.

  • Flax seed contains a low content of carbohydrates which makes it very ideal for individuals who limit their consumption of sugars and starches. It will help lessen severe diabetes because it stabilizes your blood sugar levels.
  • It can help promote a healthier skin and is highly recommended for dry skin, sensitive skin, and skin with eczema.
  • Researchers say that in curing certain cancer, it is best to have a flax seed oil intake coupled with any sulfur rich protein.
  • It can also build up cardiovascular health because the high levels of omega 3/6 fatty acids have the ability to lower LDL cholesterol level which is bad for the health. Other sources of fatty acids are: algae and fish oils.
  • Your colon health will also be developed and, thus, reducing the risk of having colon cancer. The flax seeds have somehow managed to contain anti-cancer properties that will also lower your constipation risks.
  • Flax can help an individual undergoing menopausal symptom because taking about 40 grams of this seed can improve the mild symptoms you are experiencing like night sweats and hot flushes.
  • For those who are on a diet. Flax seeds can help you slim down your body because it helps increase your metabolism rate and burn the excess fats.
  • Your immunity will also be boosted because studies show that individuals who consume flax seeds experience a less or fewer respiratory infection.
  • Flax seeds can also serve as a brain building precursor. It is recommended for moms carrying a child since it can help in the brain building of the child.


The usual American diet is very high in mega 6 coming from canola oils, soy, and cotton. With regard to flax seeds preserving omega 3 and omega 6, researchers recommend that a person consumes flax seeds in order to preserve the omega 3 or omega 6 in your body and to balance the poor quality of hydrogenated trans-fat.  The omega 3/6 fatty acids help the body against different forms of inflammation, which would likely result to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and even cancer. The inflammation is due to little intake of Omega 3/6 and in order to balance it, it is important to consume flax seed along the way. Most flax oil possesses what is known to be alpha linolenic acid which serves as a precursor to omega 3/6. Many individuals are unable to convert this ALA into DHA and therefore, it is recommended to rely on flax seed instead.


Although some individuals say that animal sources of omega 3 are superior over plant products, plant sources which are produced in an organic manner is known to be very effective, serves as a safe source of omega 3/6 and it is also inexpensive.


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