How Impossible food might change the world

I don’t know if you know it, but quitting on Pizza was cutting my last thread for going 100% Vegan. That’s right maybe not all of you knew it but I am vegetarian for the past 6 years. the thing is that I really used to love meat.

I was the Burger monster. Really even the most crazy burgers lovers you ever met wouldn’t compete with me. I just ate burgers whenever I could. Actually most of my diet was based on coffee and Burgers.

I guess it sounds disgusting and today when I look back on those days I also felt disgusting but I didn’t know it at the time. it take a while of being off meat (something like 1 month) until I really felt new and clean. It’s so much better without it.

However I stumbled into something that made me really desire them again. I just can’t help it when I look at these burgers. don’t worry it’s not meat burgers. It’s actually a company named Impossible Foods. They have managed to create a 100% vegan burger that even bleeds.

They made a usage of Heme which is blood from plants that actually is the same molecule as there is in blood. together with millions in funding and a lot of hard work, they are about to release their burgers to the market this summer!

This Burger passed many reviews. and the team’s mission and moto is: we are not going to want our customers to buy this product because it’s better for the environment.

We want them to buy it simply because it will be tastier than the most tasty burger you can find on the market.

With such a bold mission they might really capture the market. I would surely wait for this burger to arrive to Europe. now the real beauty is that it costs no more than $20, while the latest synthetic meat burger costs $325,000 … That’s quite ridiculous.

Anyway I hope more people who like the good taste will realize we do not need meat in order to have our burger and we can protect our planet and the animals on it as a positive result of our choice.


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