Twins addicted to plastic surgery spend £15k on identical procedures

Problems…. Much?


Barcroft Identical twins forever (Picture: Barcroft)

Swedish identical twins Sara and Emma Koponen share pretty much everything, from their obsession for plastic surgery and working out, to their matching boob jobs.

To date, they’ve spent around £15k on identical plastic surgery to enhance what nature gave them, while still looking exactly the same.

They’ve each had three breast augmentations, taking them from A to E cups, and they have regular filler injections to super-size their lips.

But, that’s just the start of their twin obsessions. The 25-year-olds spend two hours in the gym together every day, doing the same exercises on the same machines, and eat the same portions so that they maintain identical body shapes.

Let me hear your body talk (Picture: Barcroft)

Sara says: ‘As twins we have to look the same, people have expected that from us since we were children.

‘We are both addicted with modifying our…

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